Design Herynek is a studio specialized in brand development, visual identity and style.

Studio was established by Jan Herynek in the 2002. Our aim is to guarantee an original and functional concept finding out a solution which brings benefits. We endeavour to reach out to everyone whose goal is to promote and evaluate a quality and sophisticated design. Many of our projects have a long history and some of them are very successful, they changed from an original virtual concept into real, often measurable and visible values. We understand that design is not only a tool for increasing a value but also it is a means for improvement of our enviroment, to optimize and improve communication on many levels. We work not only for money but for a pure happiness and pride of doing a good job. When we work with our clients, the partnership based on mutual trust and professional abilities is the key. The significance of a client or a brand is not important, we work for small companies as well as for the big ones. We help you to develop and grow. We would like to know more about you and how we can help you.


· Branding

· Packaging

· Corporate identity

· Visual style

· Illustration

· Logo design

· Photography

· Art direction

· Consultancy

· Naming + slogo

· Interior design

· Product design

Studio Design Herynek is a place where you start to think about your product, brand and corporate identity in different way. The place where you see the values which are dear to you and your clients in a new light. In our studio, your visual communication goes through a visible reflection. Notice how the language works itself. At first, there is a vague vision, difficult to grasp in a dark labyrinth of searching. The graphic designer Jan Herynek will lead you through this dark labyrinth with a reflector in his hand. Do not expect any illusions. It cannot be done without pain, when there is no place for dilettantism. As the way to daylight goes through dark night, the creation of a photograph needs to be done through the light exposure in darkness or the journey to enlightenment is full of roaming in illusions. Neither the Herynek’s “catharsis by design” is straightforward and shallow. There will be no “from zero to hero” way. More accurate is “per aspera ad astra”, i.e. “through hardship to the stars”. Studio Design Herynek is the place where visible features are added to your values – your new brand, clear identity, pure style. David Voda, theorist of art

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