Tea Spirit

Inspired by nature, our design uses the basic shape of the circle. Simple and clean typography supplemented by rotocalligraphy. Calligraphy itself has remarkably meaningful lines and dots. Calligraphical work is part of the education of sages who perform traditional tea ceremonies. A vertical typographical arrangement achieves a balance between the composition of classical and modern styles. The vertical element points to the roots of our perception of Eastern tea culture. The common use gold stamping and embossing symbolizes the importance of caring for each product, where gold adds value and helps create the position of the product. The haptic component has not only an aesthetic function, but a practical one as well in the form of braille for the blind. The circle is the main point of visual solutions. The point is the brand Metelka Tea Spirit, which offers the best of teas and liqueurs in one drink. Made only from pure natural products: linden honey, Georgian tea and brandy. The Zen circle simply and clearly shows the idea of ​​tea culture in one beautiful gesture. The circle has become a brand…

Metelka Tea Spirit logotype

Pavel Herynek’s rotocalligraphy

crown-shaped cap provides a better grip for pulling

the cap has aesthetic and practical function and enhances the value and the impression of the product

tin tube with haptic elements

bookmark with flag of Georgia to indicate origin of the species

front label details

technology: print — emboss — hotfoil — letterpress — cutting

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