A postsamizdat edition rub. (a reverse). It has a limited number of copies, a lowered production and distribution costs. However, it does not lack an enthusiasm and interesting texts. Every booklet has its own original typography — every issue of rub. has a different type of a typeface. The graphic design uses the typography to stand out. The look of the booklets counts with changing of the type of paper. A smooth paper for the cover and the colored attachment, and a recyclated paper for the inner part which is printed always in black colour. The cropped flap of the cover reveals a portrait of an author and makes you to leaf through the booklet. The simple logotype consists of the typeface and two dots. One dot enriches the first letter and the second one closes the logotype as a whole. Howgh.

At the time of a front side at stake, we bet on a reverse. The reverse of a monk’s hood was a Lenin type of a cap. On the reverse of issued invoices are proofs of poems. The reverse, the good reverse.

a postsamizdat edition rub.


new edition design



the first, handmade rub. 1

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