Ron Espero

Redesign of Ron Espero rum line and Espero rum liqueurs. Gradually, we redesigned the overall look, creating a new impression. There has been a change in the logo in the form of a drawing by V. N. Balboa, which makes the brand face. Not only typography, but also typesetting of labels and decorative tapes has undergone refinement. A new stylized map of the Caribbean was also created. It is accompanied by gift tubes and labels of all rums. Liqueurs bet more on emotions. To the full graphic design and illustration we add the mood of colors, nature, sun and Caribbean swarm. Espero means the hope of the discoverer V. N. Balboa, who crossed the Panama’s neck to the Pacific Ocean and wanted to see the Pacific Ocean from the New World side.

Logo as stylized coin + typography of names

Golden hot-stamp and stylized map of the Caribbean

Gift tube with embossed lid

V. N. Balboa coin

Strap for closure

Ron Espero Balboa

Balboa walked forward, and by noon that day, September 25, had reached the summit and could see far beyond the water horizon of the undiscovered sea. The emotions were enormous, and others eagerly joined Balboa to show their joy in Balboa’s discovery. Andrés de Vera, the chaplain of the expedition, swung up Te Deum, while the men erected stone pyramids and carved their crosses into the bark of the trees to mark the place where the discovery of the South Sea was completed.source: Wikipedia

Ron Espero & Espero Liqueur Creole

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