Old Bert Spiced

The illustrations for the Old Bert label set depicts the fantastic world of Albert Michler, who was one of the first distributors of original Jamaican rum in Central Europe and was also a supplier of genuine rum for the Austrian Imperial Navy. Today, the motifs illustrate the already romantic mood of the world in the Belle Époque era and point to the adventurous part of the otherwise rather ordinary work of a distiller and a liqueur maker. But perhaps another part of his work was to travel, discover and receive new worlds in a huge range of perceptions, scents, tastes and diverse perspectives. We tried to capture these feelings and moods in the label illustrations. We conceptualized this rum line and also developed the Old Bert brand. We designed the form and technology of printing labels and collaborated on the final implementation with the printer.

Old Bert Spiced product line

Old Bert Classic Spiced, Recipe Nr. 120

Old Bert Winter Spiced, Recipe Nr. 130

Old Bert Kingston Spiced, Recipe Nr. 140

Old Bert Summer Spiced, Recipe Nr. 150

The company was allowed to use the title “Supplier to the Imperial and Royal Household” and in the 19th century participated in some of the world’s most famous exhibitions. “Old Bert / Alte Bert, witnesses said that Albert Michler’s friends called him this.”

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