A competition entry for a new visual style for the city of Liberec. The basis of the art solution is the logotype. Its shape is inspired by the capital letter L which emphasizes and accentuates an importance of the city. The symbol is simple, characteristic and easy to remember. The significant aspectcs of the stylized letter L also offer other possibilities of symbolism: right angle (symbol of architecture and order), open space (without limits, without barriers), crossroads (tourism, sports), construction element (the Ještěd Tower). The leaning variation of the letter L allows to arise other meanings (mountains, peak) or can be used as an auxiliary decorative application. The initial L has the main function as a trademark.

Another important aspect of the new design is typography. The sans serif font symbolizes readability, intelligibility and information. The typography is a modern characteristic of the whole brand identity creating value and stability. The serif font connects the visual part with the history of Liberec. With its oblique forms, it can resemble a fraktur which was frequently used for many centuries. Overall, the serif font decorates and refreshes a typographic expression of the visual style of Liberec.

A Latin word “locus” means a place. During designing the visual brand identity, it was a main idea to make the letter L to evoke Liberec. My main goal was to “appropriate” the capital letter L and its variable usage in form of the logotype, the abbreviation or the supporting graphic element. When I type the web adress, I use the capital letter in the name of the city beacuse I want to refer to the logotype. (JH)

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