Lebeda Consulting

The logotype and the corporate identity design for Lebeda Consulting – a company dealing with analysis, research, training, and consultancy especially in political science. The main advantage of the brand is a well-known name which we highlighted in the new design. The lines create an imaginary space in which the brand presents itself. The logotype uses three different forms: a basic form, an abbreviation with a possibility of adding more information, and a monogram. We designed a graphic system that uses the lines as a cognitive element. Top and bottom lines define the format and the typography looks very clean and serious. One of the most important aspects of the brand is its typography. The contrast between two typefaces of the Vaud font highlights the name and the activity of the company. The chosen colour is neutral as well as the data the company produces.

studio shooting

Lebeda Consulting logotype

responsive design of the logotype

corporate type Vaud


doc. PhDr. Tomáš Lebeda, Ph.D.

Mgr. Eva Lebedová, Ph.D.

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