La Bomba

Design of the Bombardino La Bomba liqueur label shows inspiration by the mountains, where this drink is very popular. Although it originated in Italy, Metelka Liqueurs want to show their own, Moravian quality. The organic shapes of the drawing help to emphasize the nature of the fluid. The mountains reaching into the sky, in turn, support the conical shape of the bottle. Our new design brings several crafts together: from naming, through the creation of logomark, label and capsule, to drawing and art direction of the entire project. The production process of label printing is also unique, where many technologies have coincided. Printing with direct colors, which color the silver embossing to the required tones of gold, silver and bronze + direct corporate blue color + blind printing (relief embossing in typography and logo) + gold embossing and cut. We placed a white capsule with the La Bomba logo among the stars on top of the bottle.

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