D Valner.

Brand development for glass designer David Valner. The visual part of the logotype consists of a typographic pair of Monarch and Neufile Grotesk. Paradoxically, this elegant combination of two different fonts goes well together. There are two forms: the first more ornate and decorative, the second clean and simple, rather practical. Such a connection is contained in the work of the author, who often balances between sculpture and applied art. The text part of the logotype contains the letter D as David, as Design. This creates a textual novelty that has its secrets. An essential detail is the dot at the end of the logotype, not after the letter D. The dot forms a whole. The font pair also functions as a DV monogram, which was developed for practical reasons. The required abbreviation can be used as a stamp, imprint in glass, or burned mark. It is used to sign and mark Valner’s author’s work. Photographically accompanied by Tereza Valnerová.

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