Black Stamp

Development of a new rum brand Black Stamp with the determination of sales, especially in Czech retail. The task was to find the brand’s own position and style. An interesting stimulus for naming rum was the fate of Bohumil Metelka, the son of the founder of the liqueur shop. The literary inspiration was a black stamp by R. L. Stevenson from the novel Treasure Island. The Black Stamp was sent by the pirates in English as a message to the death sentence. In the 1950s, the son of a liqueur founder received his black stamp from the communist regime. As a so-called black baron, he had to go to the coal mines because of his class background.

On this basis, the slogan “I am also a black baron” was created, which pays tribute to Bohumil Metelka, whose life story they want to keep Metelka in his family memory. Unlike the competition, we conceived the expression of this product as more artisanal than serial. The appearance is mainly helped by the use of a cork cap and the choice of the shape of the bottle. Also, the use of noble label material and the artisanal application of gold embossing in combination with black and white printing differentiates the product from the competition. Blind-printed lines, emphasizing Jamaican origins, or embossing the manufacturer’s brand and eco-labels help in the details. The graphic mark in the form of a stylized black mark dominates the front of the label and creates a simple symbol and at the same time “shape simulates” the main label.

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