The oldest Czech think-tank changes its visual identity

The new logotype of the Masaryk Democratic Academy

The oldest Czech left-wing think-tank Masaryk Democratic Academy changes its visual identity. The new logo was designed by the Design Herynek studio.

“We needed a compact logo that can be used in digital space as well as in office materials or business cards. We wanted to keep the MDA letters as a hallmark which has been used by our institution since the 1990s,”

says Vladimír Špidla, who is the director of the Masaryk Democratic Academy.

The chosen basic blue colour corresponds to the prevailing colours of the MDA visual style that has been used since the resumption of activity in the early 1990s. The abbreviation Mda used in the logo is playful, and the shape and proportions of the logo are designed to allow a wide range of usage from small applications to large formats such as facades. The visual style is based on clean white surface in contrast with the colour and shapes of the logo. It’s built on the quality and the Neufile Grotesk font options.

While preparing the logo, Jan Herynek worked with the idea of the Masaryk Democratic Academy as a laboratory for exploring various social and public issues, and as an educational and open institution.

“When writing down the abbreviation Mda, I thought it might be an interesting shape for the logo itself. The abbreviation can work as a graphic symbol to which we can add a name in different situations. In some cases, it can exist entirely on its own. I imagined the abbreviation as a formula: M (Masaryk, the name with a big letter), d (a superscript indicating a type of the party = democratic) plus the letter a as the academy.”

says Jan Herynek, who is the author of the new logo, graphic designer, and designer.