The new issue of Metelka Magazín no. 4 is out now

The new issue no. 4 of the Metelka Magazine is out now. The concept, editorial and graphic design was created by Design Herynek. Its 240 × 340 mm format allows good and comfortable reading and the graphic design has been finally settled. The main connection between the surface and the content is the blue corporate color. The 32-page magazine informs about various activities within the traditional family liqueur company and develops many interesting topics such as gastronomy, fashion, history or folk art. Inside the new issue, you can look forward to the interview with remarkable people from liquor business or to the story about traditional folk art of Vyškov-born Marie Pachtová. We bring you the interview with Milan Metelka’s mum who recalls his very beginnings in the company and we tell you the results of the Metelka Cup 2018. This fourth issue is full of interesting articles which are usually accompanied by high-quality full-page photographs.