The latest publication of the University of Ostrava, Faculty of Education

Dáša Lasotová – Reading in Pictures (Čtení v obrazech)
The latest book of the Depatment of Visual Arts Education presents intermedia work of the Ostrava artist Dáša Lasotová.

From the 80´s of the 20th century Dáša Lasotová´s works make significant part of the North Moravian concept aimed art for which term „Silesian concept“ become common designation. The book Reading in Pictures contains three recent cycles of Lasotová´s intermedia works. They are Reading Zeyer if it is not Machar (Čtení Zeyera, není-li to Machar), cycle which is to be classified as found poetry, examples of a needlework art Eightway pieces (Osmisměrky), and the cycle of interlaces Reading in Pictures. Jakub Gutziur´s study which in historical contextualization defines the author´s place in Post-war Czech and West European art is followed by a comprehensive reflection on the author´s work by curator and art theorist Jiří Valoch.